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The experts at Clinical Skin Solutions, dedicate
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                                                                        with the most naturally beautiful results

                                                                          With over 29 yrs in the skin care industry, we
                                                                            have the experience to design the
                                                                    rejuvenation plan
personalized for you, while

                                                                  guiding you into the most effective treatments to
                                                                                 help you achieve your goals.

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                                         The PIXEL-Q is Quickly Becoming "Dallas's Treatment of Choice" for Tighter, Flawless, Beautiful Skin.




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ClearLift Laser
+ Near InfraRed(NIR)
= $399 (reg $899)
ClearLift Laser

1 Trmt  $250 (reg $450)
2 Trmt  $399
 5 Trmt  $999 

(face or neck or chest = 1 Trmt)

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